April 21, 2024

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Legalt’s third post

Encouraged by a vote largely leading his party to the Cubes’ vote, Franசois Legald advanced this week, not only running for a second term, but also saying he wants to return to a third.

Since being elected in 2018, the Coquista government has been largely accused of being arrogant. A prime example of this is the departure of the Prime Minister, who suggested to the Cubs which party to vote for in the federal election.

Listen to what Mr. Legalt has to say, as he did this week, he will rule for two more positions, after the first unfinished, is another obvious example.

As an experienced politician, the Prime Minister should know that the political environment can change very quickly. Four years is an eternity in politics. When he was elected in 2018, who wanted many changes for Quebec, Mr. Legalt was never believed to be the primary cause of the epidemic.

Thus, the two “old” parties facing him, the PQ and the PLQ, collapsed. However, it does not rule out that they are being rebuilt and that the CAQ has been losing feathers for years.

The honeymoon between Mr. Legalt and the Kupers is still the exception, and it is not excluded that it will end before the third term.

Close guard

In the municipal scenario, in Quebec, the outgoing mayor Rakis Labyum, whose proportion of support spits out any good politician, will fall into this trend arrogantly.

Mr. who will soon complete his fourth term. He said his close guard, created by longtime friends, would later warn him and bring him back to the ground.

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Apparently affected by a political entourage tainted by arrogance, Mr. It seems that Legalt will be due for a meeting with his closest guard.