April 16, 2024

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An eventful homecoming for students from Mont-Saint-Hillary

I was stressed and had no idea what was going onHe remembers a student who came home much later than expected.

An alternative school bus driver tried to avoid the building on the way home from school.

Anxious students called police after the driver hit a guard on Highway 20, according to youths on board. The driver, for his part, claims to have hit the cones.

According to Capt. Francis Lபேbez, captain of the Reggie Intermunisp டிl de Police Richelieu-Saint-Laurent, the driver stopped at a service station in Saint-Julie at the request of his supervisor and instructed him not to leave anyone unidentified. Of parents.

He therefore followed exactly the procedure given in such circumstances, argued the Center de Services Scholar des Patriots (CSSP).

The driver parked his vehicle in a safe place to get instructions from his transport company. We remind you not to let students off the bus without the permission of the person in charge of transportation company or police services., Can we read in the email sent? CSSP.

However, this instruction may have heightened the anxiety of some students, who cried out for them to be held hostage. Then the driver would have raised his voice and used inappropriate vocabulary for them.

Parents were troubled by what happened as some students arrived home more than two hours late.

No one called me, I had to do 911 procedures to get the news, Angry Claude Busemin. Again, it was dim and the calls to the police station were high

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About twenty students returned on another bus, while a dozen parents were able to return, and they picked them up at the gas station.

What was the broken straw on the camel’s back in our case, this morning, I got an email from trafficAnother cousin yawned Saint-Laurent.

The Patriots School Service Center sent an email to parents Friday evening Event though [sic] The students were disturbed and their safety was never compromised.

In light of this situation, we are working closely with our carrier to prevent this from happening again.

We don’t just expect an apology from traffic [mais aussi] This character has to be safe based on the fact that he can no longer have children in his care, Mr. Says Saint-Laurent.

The police did not want to start an investigation at this time as it was an interventionGeneral assistance .

With information from Mary-Jossy Backwaters-Comey