Mairie de Quebec: Quebec 21’s chef de cabinet throws gloves!

In an extraordinary public outcry, Richard Cote, chief executive of Quebec 21, attacked two of Jean-Fran்கois Coslin’s two main rivals in town hall on Wednesday morning, accusing the media of wanting to “destroy” the metro project. Light.

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In the middle of the Quebec 21 press conference, Mr. Kotte took the place of his leader and engaged in an extraordinary conversation. “Basically, you want to destroy the plan,” he stressed to the media.

He assured that his party has in hand the expert study which will provide all the details about VALSE Metro. According to him, the location of the stations has already been decided, except for the Holland station, as it is necessary to discuss with the citizens. He also said that 10 trees would have to be cut down to set up the light rail. Until now, Quebec 21 has ensured that no trees are cut down as part of its plan.

Quebec 21 does not rule out making this statement public. However, the party says that before arranging a two- or three-hour technical presentation, it is necessary to verify the presence of the person who wrote it (his name has not been released). It is unclear whether the presentation will take place before the November 7 vote.

Other attacks

Richard Cote, who is currently being paid by the city of Quebec, says he took a day off, realizing that his party’s implementation plan needed the most important amount of detail, while we would not ask. The same from his two main opponents.

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Bruno Mercantile, Quebec’s strength and pride, did not hesitate to qualify as a “marketing product” and to ensure that Mary-Josie Schwartz, vice-chairman of the board, failed in all the files she manages.

Although he was not a candidate for mayor or municipal councilor, Richard Cote recalled that he had served five terms and explained his departure through his extensive past experience as a municipal councilor. “Sometimes it’s nice to have another person deliver a message,” he said. I’m part of the team. ”

If he wins the mayoral election on Sunday evening, Mr. Chief Goselin has confirmed that Kotte will be his chief executive again.

Donations to QFF

Earlier in the day, Jean-François Gosselin called on Mr. Merchant demanded that the list of his donors be released. He said it was “impossible” for a strong and proud Quebec city alone to raise more than $ 130,000 with $ 100 or $ 200 contributions. He promised that QFF would be able to get $ 5,000 in loans (which would be completely legal, he agrees) and demanded that the names of potential lenders be known.

Mr. Kozulin also shared an email from the Chief Electoral Officer (DGE) stating that nothing in the law prohibits a party from making donations in excess of $ 50.

On page 21 of Quebec, the candidates were said to have raised $ 30,000 through six loans. Meanwhile, Mr Goselin will release his latest tax return, although his two main rivals have not yet done so, he promised.


Jackie Smith, President of Transition Quebec, responded by email to leave Quebec 21. “We see that Jean-François Gosselin and his team are in disbelief: his metro project is never credible and citizens are beginning to see his game clearly. His lack of transparency is unworthy of a mayoral candidate.

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Jean-Rousseau, the leader of Democratic Quebec, spoke of “panic” to describe the departure of Jean-Franோois Kozellin’s group. What he is doing by blaming the press is that he says there is no water in his plan. He is in a state of panic. He could not defend it.

The candidate for mayor believes his opponent is defending an “unrealistic” plan. “Mr. Kozelin wants to play hockey, but now he’s like to play the trap. The problem is, every time he hits his own goal, he does not understand that defending a plan is to present it.” .

Mary-Josie Schwartz and Bruno Mercant have to react late.

– In collaboration with Stephanie Martin

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