Mayor in his lane: Lambo driver sues for $90,000

Mayor in his lane: Lambo driver sues for ,000

A young Lamborghini driver known for waking up Mirabell residents with the sound of his car and collecting tickets has been sued for $90,000 by a dealer who failed to impound the vehicle he rented to him.

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“I hereby declare that the immediate seizure of the complainant’s vehicle is absolutely urgent,” the court document filed in the Supreme Court in May said.

George Sahakian, president of United Auto Leasing dealerships, has decided to go to court to recover a 2022 Land Rover leased to Amanda Levesque. The 22-year-old Quebecer is known for almost a year of recidivism with his luxury cars.

Right, a Land Rover from United Auto Leasing. The latter tries to retrieve it, but bailiffs can’t get their hands on Amanda Levesque.

Photo from Amanda Noel’s Instagram

“The present residual value of the plaintiff’s Land Rover vehicle is $89,101.87, amounting to [Amanda Lévesque] Responsibility and accountability [concessionnaire] In case bail vehicle cannot be impounded”, the demand states.

According to the agreement placed in evidence on file, he has leased the Land Rover for 36 months from April 2022. The driver, who lives on Grand-Prix Street in Mirabell, paid $1,050 a month to be behind the wheel. This car.

Amanda Levesque - Lamborghini

Portrait of Amanda Levesque, who uses the pseudonym Amanda Noel on social networks.

Photo from Amanda Noel’s Instagram

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She drives without a license

The owner of United Auto Leasing first explains, Lévesque has not had a valid driver’s license since April 2023. Also, the insurance company that covered the young woman’s vehicle canceled the contract with her.

“In light of the foregoing, it is clear and obvious [concessionnaire] The defendant cannot be allowed to retain control and possession of his Land Rover vehicle. […] of an automobile collision”, Mr. Sakhakian’s lawyers write.

Amanda Levesque - Lamborghini

Amanda Levesque, 22, behind the wheel of her luxurious Lamborghini in 2022.

Photo from Amanda Noel’s Instagram

Note that The Register was reported in March about the irresponsible behavior of Because she was driving without a valid license.

Couldn’t find her

In court documents, we also learn that bailiffs knocked on M’s house several timesme Lévesque took possession of the vehicle from the dealer last May.

A judicial officer ran into the closed door. He later spoke to the man, who declined to identify himself. Finally, another person who responded to the young woman’s address indicated that he did not know her.

“It is impossible for me to fulfill the obligations imposed by my mandate,” concludes Jacques Boutilier Jacques.

Since October 2022, the 22-year-old driver, famous for waking up entire cities to the sound of his noisy Lamborghini, will have to pay the $90,000 the dealer is demanding if he doesn’t return his Land Rover soon.

She also seems to have stopped filming her escapades at the wheel of her noisy Lamborghini. In fact, nothing has been posted on her Instagram page since November.

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