Illegal front ball in Alma: Two fifth-year classes in prison

The illegal front ball of the fifth-graders at Jean-Kautier School in Alma closed two classes until June 17th.

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Many young people in the fifth year of secondary alma mater may find the end of classes harder than expected. Over the weekend, a front ball that was not overseen by the school was reportedly illegally organized by the graduates.

However, one of the young people who attended the party had COVID-19. According to Christine Flaherty of the Center de Services Scholar to Lock-Saint-Jean, the young man first “went to school, he was contagious”.

Front ball

In addition, the student allegedly attended an illegal party with his classmates over the weekend. Half of the students from another high school bubble class attended the party.

The school was told Sunday that the young man in question had tested positive and then contacted the parents of the children affected. They have been asked to test, but the results are not yet available.

Distance education

As of Tuesday morning, only one student had tested positive for COVID-19. So this is not a confirmed explosion.

While waiting for the results, M explains that both classes involved have “switched to distance education”.Me Agility. However, they will have to stay home until June 17, which will have a significant impact on the outcome of their schooling.

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