Medicago vaccine testers, cubes have lost the QR code

Cubs who received the Medicago test vaccine not approved by Health Canada were unable to obtain their QR code.

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Many participants recently withdrew from the Medico vaccine clinical trials. As it has not yet been approved by Health Canada, Robert Lemieux, a resident of Quebec, did not allow the latter to obtain the desired passport, the vaccine passport.

“It is unreasonable for us who have worked for the advancement of science, we have given our bodies,” he laments.

The 70-year-old retiree received his two-dose Medicaco vaccine last January and confirmed that the injection was genuine and not a placebo in early summer.

He asks for recognition for his efforts and considers it sufficient for him to receive protection. “Participants in the Medico Medical Survey will be treated like any other citizen who has received two valid vaccines,” he said.

Help from Quebec

Study participants did not expect international recognition of the vaccine from the Quebec Institute, but the possibility of obtaining at least one QR code was the key to returning to a more normal life.

“Of course, we can not confirm a vaccine that is not approved by other countries to go outside Canada, but at least in Quebec, we hope that by issuing a vaccine passport, we hope the government will recognize those who have obtained two degrees of Medico,” said Dr. Mark Dion, a medical researcher at CHUT Quebec.

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Four doses are required

Although some people have two degrees of Medico, they cannot be considered fully vaccinated. Some, like 23-year-old student Amy LeBlanc, who left the show earlier this week, need to get a total of four injections.

“On Monday I received my third dose, and then I already had my fourth dose four weeks later, at the end of September. Should, ”she explains.

The Quebec government has not withdrawn the TVA Nouvelles, and just days before the vaccine passport was to be processed, Mr. Participants like Lemieux are still waiting.

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