Police surveillance of parks in Longwell

(Longueuil) The increase in crowds at several parks in the Longueuil integration has been noticed by police in recent weeks, which encourages calls to comply with municipal laws and public health law measures.

The Longwell Accumulation Police Service (SPAL) said there will be more of its agents in the parks over the coming weekend.

In particular, the police want to enforce municipal laws such as alcohol and drug consumption, debris left on campus and being in parks outside of open time.

SPAL recalls that despite the relaxation in the public health law, some measures are still in place, and various municipalities in the area patrolled by SPAL are in Green Warning Zones.

Some areas of this alarm zone operation are subject to selective restrictions or restrictions, even outside.

For example, wearing a face mask is recommended for individuals who are not adequately protected from COVID-19.

During outdoor performances with reserved seats, the audience may be up to 5,000, without a separate section, but the distance of one seat should be respected between persons who do not reside at the same address.

In large outdoor events where the audience is standing or seated, the audience should be divided into independent sections of a maximum of 500 people and reservations are required.

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