Montreal | One person was seriously injured during a street race

(Montreal) A street race ended with a violent impact with a tree early Monday morning in Montreal. One person was seriously injured in the crash, but their lives were not in danger. Police are still searching for one of the drivers involved.

According to information received by Service de la de Ville de Montreal investigators from various witnesses, the two vehicles were involved in a race at around 2:45 a.m., south of Boulevard de l’Agadi, when a driver lost control of their car on Jean-Dollon Street. The vehicle collided with a tree.

Following the crash, the vehicle caught fire, but the two occupants managed to escape.

The passenger was seriously injured and taken to hospital, but his life was not in danger. The driver was not injured and was met by investigators to learn more about the circumstances of the incident.

The second vehicle involved in the race was located far from the scene of the accident, but its driver was nowhere to be seen. He is wanted by the police.

Traffic in the area was closed for several hours. The investigation continues.

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