April 16, 2024

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PI-IX Metro Station: “The real danger of collapse”

The Olympic Park must do urgent work to prevent concrete beams and slabs from collapsing at the Pie-IX metro station, our intelligence unit has learned.

The seventeen beams, which are part of the structure of the Olympic Park and located just above the PI-IX metro station, were “severely damaged”, due to an emergency, in mid-July, the documents attached to the contract awarded without a call for tenders.

Complex concrete beams support the layers of the R ப Pierre-de-Coopertin border walkway behind the main entrance to the metro station and the former administrative offices of the Olympic Park.

Obviously, we need to intervene quickly. There is a risk of collapse if a load is placed on these layers. ”

Coincidentally discovered

Workers at the Societe de Transport de Montreal (SDM) discovered the damage to the beams during a somewhat accidental excavation of the Beam-de-Coopert this spring.

The transportation company carries out important work in the area, particularly sealing and expanding the metro station, but water and sewage in the streets of Pi-IX and Pierre-de-Coopert, on account of the city of Montreal.

“The STM informed us that they noticed cracks in some of the concrete beams on the Olympic Park’s property, but within their construction site,” said Olympic Park spokesman Katrick Essimini.

Although the contract was not awarded three months later, Mr Essimini assures us that a detailed evaluation of the structures and plans and specifications was carried out “to make the necessary repairs expeditiously”.

The work is ongoing and is expected to last until September.

Damage to the station

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If not discovered, the Pi-IX metro station could have been damaged. “Damaged beams have been installed in one area of ​​the station’s roof,” STM spokeswoman Amy Rockis explained. A collapse can damage the station by damaging the roof, but we do not know to what extent. “

The problem area is temporarily inaccessible to the public, but it is located at the center of the STM workstation which can cause a problem.

“Overweight in temporary storage of heavy goods poses a risk,” said Cedric Essimini.

According to him, only part of the beams located under the pavement is cracked. “The section under the desks is in good condition,” he said.

Cow The damaged beams were made of concrete, which was widely used in Montreal in the 1960s and 1970s.

Briefly Pie-IX Station

  • Opens in June 1976
  • Located on the green line
  • It especially serves the Olympic Stadium, the Botanical Gardens and the Zoo
  • 18 850 Daily Tickets of the Week (2019)
  • The 19th busiest station in 68 (2019)

Source: Société de transport de Montréal