April 15, 2024

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Montwall | The 60-year-old has been missing since Sunday

Sorrento du Quebec is actively searching for a man and a woman under the age of sixty who have been missing since Sunday in the Mont Wall area. They initially had to go for a salad near Lacla Potte.

Henry Ovallet-Vagina

Henry Ovallet-Vagina

Relatives of the two contacted authorities Monday morning to locate the 60-year-old. They left the Martin-Wall control zone (Sec) area on Friday and had to go to a salad located near Lacla Potte.

Their return was scheduled for Sunday, but the relatives had no information from that date, so their deepest concerns.

According to SQ, the two men – who are regulars in the industry – were in a white Chevrolet van. “There were also very significant pictures of animals in the car. Sergeant Helene Nepton said Tuesday morning that if you see this car, call 911 immediately.

A command post was set up at the entrance to Jack Martin-Wall. Patrol cars, all-terrain vehicles and a helicopter are on hand to clear the perimeter. The research was conducted overnight from Monday to Tuesday and will continue until Tuesday.

In addition to an emergency unit stationed at the site, officers are also considering the cooperation of zec security officers in their research. The surroundings of Lake Kosala should also be explored.

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