Mystery surrounding a seriously injured child

Mystery surrounding a seriously injured child

Police began an investigation Sunday evening after a very young child was seriously injured in a bad situation in Lewis.

Late in the afternoon, police from Cட்டrdoba, Quebec (SQ) reported that an infant had been injured in an incident by their colleagues in Lewis, SQ spokesman Sergeant Louis-Philippe Bipau said.

According to our reports, the child may have fallen into a moving vehicle during a maneuver on Highway 20.

Not in service

The driver decided to go to Paul-Gilbert Hospital Center in Lewis with the distressed child, but the emergency room was closed.

Before paramedics could take charge of the baby and take him to CHUL in Saint-Foil, police officers from Lewis accompanied him.

According to the Desercom Ambulance Service, resuscitation maneuvers had to be carried out during transport.

However, late in the evening, the victim’s health was unknown.


CHUL de Quebec carrying baby.

Photo QMI Agency, Mark Valliers

CHUL de Quebec carrying baby.

SQ’s main criminal investigation service conducts investigations to determine circumstances and chronology of events.

Sergeant Louis-Philippe BPU said it was not uncommon for a toddler to be involved in an incident.

Late in the evening, two cars belonging to the Lewis City Police Department were parked near the CHUL emergency room.

An unused SUV was spotted by a patrolman in front of the Paul-Gilbert Hospital Center in Lewis.

Investigators were scheduled to meet with the woman Sunday evening to shed light on the circumstances of the case.

His relationship with the child is not mentioned.

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Erica Opin, with Le Journal de Montreal

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