Vaccine lottery: “Mixed results”, according to experts

The vaccine lottery opened Sunday morning, but the website for registering it did not waste time closing in early afternoon.

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The Cogner site where the vaccination was to take place was in maintenance just before 2pm on Sunday.

The initiative is aimed at encouraging citizens to go for a vaccine, but experts believe it will not have a major impact on the vaccine campaign.

“Those who do not want to be vaccinated will not be vaccinated. Those who are reluctant may be tested, but I believe there are many who are afraid, not in terms of performance, but for safety,” said Benoit Barbio, a professor of biology at UQAM and a virologist.

According to him, education and information campaigns are very relevant to convince those who oppose the vaccine.

“The lottery is an incentive, but I hope to educate people more accurately to answer their questions. I think that is the most important issue,” the scientist said.

He said Quebec was not the first jurisdiction to attempt a vaccine lottery experience. Bardot noted. “Tests have been done in the United States and the results are mixed,” he recalled.

The Dr Franுவாois Marquis, head of intensive care at Hepital Mysenov-Rosmond, believes the lottery will be relatively effective.

“As a citizen, I think I can convince people to make the small effort,” he said in an interview with LCN on Sunday morning.

However, the doctor fears that Quebec is sending the right message with its lottery. “The doctor I am with sees that protocol limit. Usually you come up with treatments or therapies based on the merits of the treatment, you don’t tell people, “Go to a study to get something, you’re going to get some money. ” It’s a page. It’s a little different, we’re not used to seeing these things as a doctor, ”he said.

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Beyond the lottery, Quebecs should vaccinate themselves and their loved ones against COVID-19, experts recalled, stressing that serum is not dangerous.

“Moderate and mild side effects are very common. However, vaccines in general, whether influenza or any other vaccine, can cause side effects. Covit-19 vaccines are no exception,” said Benoit Barbio.

“However, severe side effects are very rare,” he said, referring to blood clots or myocarditis.

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