Nebulous death of two infants belonging to the same family at 18 months

The mother of a two-month-old baby who died unexplained last week also lost her previous baby to nebulous conditions a year ago.

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On October 18, emergency services went to the Ru Principal in Notre-Dame-du-Sacre-Coir-d’Issood and rescued a two-month-old girl who was in poor health. She died at the hospital a week later.

Since then, Sûreté du Québec’s Crime Investigation Service has been investigating the tragic situation in the municipality of MRC de Lotbinière in Chaudière-Appalaches.

Although little information has been released at this stage, police say the evidence collected suggests that the infant may have been the victim of a crime.

However, no charges have been filed in this case at present.

Mom says there is no abuse

On social networks, the mother of the child unequivocally denies the study of neglect or abuse.

According to him, the baby had cerebral hemorrhage due to stroke, which may have been caused by complications at birth.

Until the end of the story, the woman claims that she was abused by DBJ, who allegedly removed the couple’s other two young children.

The same situation in 2020

However, a similar situation occurred in May 2020, when the mother’s newborn baby died in two months, in equally bad conditions.

SQ started an investigation at the time, but no charges were laid at the end of the trial.

The coroner who examined the body, Mr.e Pierre Belisley established that the cause of death was not determined because the minor’s constitution was normal.

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The mother of two, who met yesterday morning, refused to answer questions as she left early Magazine, ”On the advice of [ses] Lawyers ”.

Vibrant village

In the village of Issoodun, where only 850 people live, the news spread like wildfire.

Although few people knew the family of the child who died due to migration to the area relatively recently, everyone said they were shocked to learn of this tragedy.

“I was surprised to see police cars and ambulances coming like that, it doesn’t happen often here! It definitely affects me and no child should die this way, ”said Gabriel Pelanger, a neighbor.

“A death is always tragic. But the child’s condition is even worse. Like many citizens, it shook me up a lot, ”said Mayor Annie Therial.

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