Netflix’s Bird Box Barcelona is actually better than the original

Netflix’s Bird Box Barcelona is actually better than the original

I had absolutely no idea there was a sequel to Bird Box coming out until it hit Netflix yesterday. And I didn’t expect it to be one across the ocean in Spain, thousands of miles from where we last left Sandra Bullock, who wasn’t in the movie.

However, somehow, Birdbox Barcelona It is actually… better than the original movie. I wasn’t even special Likes The original movie, but I really like the Barcelona-based sequel, even though I know this is contrary to the opinions of critics and viewers so far. The original Bird Box has 64% from critics and 58% from audiences. Birdbox Barcelona, ​​in turn, has 48% from critics and 55% from fans.

If I had looked up these results earlier, I might have skipped the movie altogether, because I have so many other things in my backlog to waste time on something bad. But I’m glad I didn’t, and I’m fine being one of the dissenting voices here. Although there is no Sandra Bullock, which is clearly the best part of the first movie, the overall scenery and Barcelona story are even better.

The film is led by talented people Mario Casas As Sebastian, a survivor traveling with his daughter, trying to navigate the apocalyptic city streets, where looking at the mysterious creatures prowling outside will kill yourself instantly, minus a select few, turns into deadly invaders instead.

The main reason I liked the movie so much is because a role was revealed early on, I really don’t want to say here, because the movie’s surprise really surprised me and I hope it does the same for you. But it changes the entire narrative structure of the story and creates a more compelling plot than Pollock’s original story.

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I’ve heard some complaints that we never get to “see” the monsters, but there they are We are Actually some in-depth explanations of how the monsters work, which makes sense (at least in a sci-fi sense) in a way that I found satisfying enough without having to see a giant CGI thing on screen.

There are also compelling themes throughout the story. Yes, everyone is trying not to die for monsters and evil intellectuals, but there is an undercurrent to how we deal with grief and loss that is very nuanced and emotional.

I realize that by recommending this so strongly I might make some people come back and tell me I’m crazy. But something about this movie really resonated with me in a way I wasn’t expecting, and I found it more exciting and interesting than the original which I mostly considered a sub-par spin-off from The Quiet Place. this? This is something else, and it feels fresh and well worth a look.

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