Poilievre clearly knows what he’s doing

Poilievre clearly knows what he’s doing

A woman was slouching in her chair, several were on their cell phones or left before finishing.

Pierre Poilievre did not particularly excite his supporters with the most important speech of his political career at the party conference in Quebec.

In other words, it’s a win.

You stole the moment

Because Pierre Poilievre didn’t speak to them, but to potential voters who formed beyond his base.

Not directly referring to the villains got upto do Truckers From freedom, to transgender people, to abortion.

Poilievre avoided confronting head-on issues that might make the room scream or put off the average voter.

He left the red meat in the refrigerator and served a carefully prepared meal with one key ingredient: common sense.

In short, the newly softened Poilievre takes the root without glass.

He understands the importance of the moment when he leads the polls over Justin Trudeau, who has lost his Latino.


Mr. Poilivre’s speech made much of Quebec.

His Quebec strategy was quietly articulated and disarmingly simple: speak with the heart rather than the head.

His appeal to other Canadians in English to follow the example of unapologetic Quebecers to “protect their language and culture” was a clever attack on “cancel culture”.

He wants us to understand that he understands what sets us apart from the rest of the country.

asked his wife Vatatov, small life And he knows my ancestors.

Or at least, someone close to him had the idea to add lyrics Deformations In his speech.

There is no question of a 50-point plan to entice Quebec. It focuses on regions, love of big tanks, petrol prices, access to housing, cost of living.

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The real deals as they say. Or, if you prefer, “common sense”. We always come back to it.

Whether this strategy pays off remains to be seen. His opposition to Bill 21 and his lack of concern for the environment will cost him.

Unknown regions

New Poilievre has blind spots, too, and they are plentiful. Common sense is more of a slogan than a program.

He wants to cut public spending to balance the budget. But at what cost of services?

He wants to ease access to property by financially punishing cities that don’t move as fast as he likes. A battle with cities that may prove more complicated than expected.

Boilvre has worked hard to bury other skeletons, such as his appreciation for bitcoins and YouTube videos secretly aimed at misogynists.

Will all this hit him one day? Or will Canadians look elsewhere when deciding their next government?

Liberals always believed that Poievre was too radical to resonate with the average voter.

But for now, I don’t want to take anything Pitch The effective salesman takes advantage of the fact that he’s not Justin Trudeau.

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