Political Congress: Pierre Poilievre cites Mes Aïeux to lure Quebec

Political Congress: Pierre Poilievre cites Mes Aïeux to lure Quebec

The Conservative leader, Pierre Poilievre, presented himself as an ally of Quebec, in which he praised Quebecers’ struggle for language, hydroelectric engineering and the Mes Aïeux group’s victory song.

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“I will always be an ally of Quebec, of the Acadian people and of all French-speakers across the country,” he told a crowd of about 2,500 enthusiastic supporters at a convention in the national capital. A smaller federal government will make way for a bigger Quebec and bigger Quebecers.

Quebec for example

The Conservative leader not only made friends in the region in recent days by implicitly attacking Mayor Bruno Marchand’s tram plan, but also called on the rest of Canada to take an example from Quebec, which is not afraid to defend its identity.

“Quebecers — and I say this in English on purpose — don’t apologize for their culture, their language and their history. They celebrate. All Canadians should,” he said.

“Abolish culture” (to cancel culture) vs. Mr.Cancel culture), for example, insists on the unveiling of historic statues, which was taken up by all the speakers invited to the main stage of the Conservative Congress from Thursday.

A verse from a hit song is even a song in speech, and the culture here hits the mark degradation of my ancestors.

In the words of the Conservative leader, “A small three-and-a-half tank is too expensive, sad in winter” The group’s housing crisis and broken dream of property access have become iconic.

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Mr. Poilievre also praised Quebec hydropower, saying if elected premier he would ensure new dam projects are quickly approved to help Hydro-Québec produce as quickly as possible.

“No more duplicating all kinds of courses and obstacles,” he declared.

Allegation against the block

Mr. Poilievre sometimes accused the coalition of the NDP and the Liberals — in English — and sometimes the Bloc Québécois and the Liberal Party — in French — of impoverishing Canadians.

“If Quebecers want to get rid of Justin Trudeau for good, only the Conservatives can replace him,” he said.

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