October 1, 2022

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Severe Thunderstorms!

The cooling that comes with the depression creates a boom and creates an unstable climate. Additionally, more heat and moisture ahead will fuel these storm cells, raising the possibility up a notch.

Sees heavy thunderstorms Currently in effect for several areas in the south and center of the province, including Mauricie, Estrie, the Richelieu Valley and Quebec City.

Moderate risk

Hence conditions are favorable for the formation of violent storms across the continent. Thunder could be heard across southern Quebec, from the Outais to the north coast. Stronger cells can wreak havoc, especially during the afternoon and evening hours. In the center of the province, there is a high risk of circulation.

A risk of severe thunderstorms

Heavy thunderstorms

Strong winds are expected especially during thunderstorms. Supercells can form and create circulation. Heavy rain is also possible: well-established moisture in the air can increase precipitation. The risk of aquaplaning cannot be ruled out. Hence, caution is required especially when driving large vehicles and trucks.

Storms to watch

The probability of lightning is high this Friday afternoon, especially in the center of the province. Starting Friday evening, the system will develop through a cold front and create a surge.

Organizational evolution

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