February 26, 2024

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Provincial Election |  Manon Mass will contest for the new post

Provincial Election | Manon Mass will contest for the new post

(Montreal) Despite leaving the post of Speaker of Parliament last year, Manon Mass has no plans to withdraw from politics. He will again preserve the colors of the Quebec Stadium during the next provincial elections.

Released at 2:46 p.m.

Stephen Roland
Canadian Press

If several representatives of the National Assembly had announced their departure from political life, Ms.Me Massey wants to continue to represent the electorate of Saint-Mary-St-Jacks in Montreal. The day after the nomination was filed, the MP said in an interview, “I have not finished the work I wanted to do on the field.

Dean of the Quebec Solitaire Representative, Mrs.Me Mass also wants to support new candidates who wear the colors of the party. “I want to contribute to bringing a large number of supporters to the National Assembly.”

MMe Massey was first elected in 2014. He was the candidate of the Left Party for the fifth time. At the time, the party had only three representatives and did not have the status of a parliamentary committee. The party now has 10 representatives.

Last June, Mr.Me Massey announced that he no longer wanted to be the parliamentary speaker of Quebec Solitaire. “I’m in a role that makes me tired, sometimes in a role that paralyzes me,” he said.

Photo by Oliver Jean, La Press Archives

Gabriel Nado-Dubois and Manon Massey

As deputy and co-spokesman for the party, the deputy promises to “have more energy” to play politics. “Sending the baton to Gabriel as Speaker of Parliament frees me from the mental burden I began to carry. It gives me more energy to do my job as an MP.”

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MMe Massey believes MPs have the power to change things. He believes he has influence over the government’s decision to put an end to the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons. “One thing that is always clear is that the role of the legislator is a role in which one can have power.”