Legalt did not request a meeting with his Scottish partner

(Edinburgh) Formerly accustomed to Quebec, Scotland has now become fashionable: Prime Minister Franசois Legalt, who served in Edinburgh and Glasgow until Friday, did not attempt to meet with his Scottish ally, Nicola Sturgeon.

Patrice Bergeron
Canadian Press

As confirmed by the Premier Office of Quebec, no request has been made in this direction.

Quebec maintains direct relations with many partners, especially in Bavaria, Catalonia, Scotland and California. During his tenure, Prime Minister Pauline Morois met with Alex Salmond, who was opposite him in Edinburgh.

Mr. It must be said that Salmond was the leader of the Freedom Party SNP and, like Nicola Sturgeon, wanted to achieve Scotland sovereignty.

It specifically aims to organize a referendum on independence in 2023.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Franசois LeCult said the Ministry of International Relations, which handles the work of the head of government, Mr.Me Sturgeon.

He did not specify why the request was not made. On the other hand, as usual, the Quebec government had announced the Prime Minister’s visit to UK and Scottish officials.

At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Mr. COP26 participated. Legalt spent most of the week in Scotland.

He met with many key figures, including Prince Charles, former US Secretary of State John Kerry and President Biden’s climate adviser Gina McCarthy.

Mr. Legalt also spoke with several senior executives of large businesses.

Quebec has been actively pursuing an international policy since its founding in the 1960s of the Gérin-Lajoie Doctrine, which supports the expansion of Quebec’s powers (education, health, culture, etc.) in the international arena.

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