Nine years in prison for violent assault

A violent pimp who made a young man and a young woman his sex slaves was today sentenced to nine years in prison, with no words to condemn the brutality of the crimes he committed.

“This type of pimp is a fraud, he lures his young prey and hangs them up for a good life. This type of individual completely destroys his victims and makes the vampire abandon them when they are no longer useful to him,” Judge Eric Vanchestein told a Montreal court today.

31-year-old Cleephord-Linecker Losse may have been particularly violent with his victims who were involved in prostitution from 2015 to 2017.

First, a 15-year-old girl became pregnant and had to have an abortion. Second, at the age of 21, she was locked in an unhygienic motel room where she was given drugs to stay awake and make more customers.

“This restriction went as far as the food she could eat, so it would not increase the weight,” lamented the magistrate, who at one point prompted the young woman to attempt suicide.

The two victims, who were charmed by Lass before drowning in hell, were unaware of the prostitution.

Los, who earned more than $ 40,000 from the victims’ backs, was arrested after being convicted by a 21-year-old man.

Threatened to be sent to Halifax, she fled to see the police, who were able to pacify and protect her, fearing she would “disappear forever”.

“The way the accused treated him was very disgraceful and ‘more or less a form of modern-day slavery,” said the judge who found him guilty of human trafficking and sexual harassment.

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Since then, the victims have tried to rebuild themselves despite the shock.

One of them feels that his life is an “eyeball” and the other suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

But since the sex offenders are on the register until he dies, they can tell that Los will stay behind bars for a long time.

Appearing in court today, he was able to be seen handcuffed before rushing into the corridors of custody.

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