Return to Parliament | The Liberals are starting to hate compulsory vaccination

(Ottawa) On this new parliamentary day in Ottawa, the Liberals did not waste time launching hostilities against their Conservative opponents. Battlefield: Medical exemption for non-vaccinated Conservative MPs.

Catherine Lewesk and Lina Dip
Canadian Press

“It is not possible to have (so many) medical exemptions. […]. That’s nonsense, “said Mark Holland, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

Although he did not know the number of medical deductions received by the Conservatives – Chief Erin O’Toole refused to provide that number – Mr. Hollande submits that any number above one is not credible. To justify his claim, he cites statistics: One to five out of 100,000 people will receive a medical exemption for not being vaccinated against COVID-19. And Ottawa has only 119 Conservative MPs.

Therefore, the Board of Indigenous Economics, a group of members who have imposed mandatory vaccinations to enter Parliament buildings, states that only six or seven medical exemptions approved by the Ontario health authorities can be implemented.

The doctor’s notes should be checked twice on this list.

Bloc Québécois and the New Democratic Party (NDP) claim to agree with the approach proposed by the Liberals. “I have concerns, I help the skeptics with the Conservatives,” Mr. New Democrat leader Jagmeet Singh explained after Hollande’s press conference.

“Conservatives need to be transparent in this matter,” said Alain Terrian, a Member of Parliament for Black Quebecois in a statement.

With the exception of an unknown number of Conservative members, members of parliament from all political parties in Parliament Hill have been fully vaccinated. One elected Liberal who received a medical exemption during the election campaign received vaccines. His health would have changed, according to Mr Holland.

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The situation has become more complicated since Pius MP Richard Lehox, one of the Conservatives, announced that he had contracted Govt-19. Mr. Lehoux attended a two-day Caucasus meeting with his colleagues last week.

He will not be in church on Monday. All delegates and senators on his side must pass a screening exam on Wednesday and last Thursday before returning to their duties. Those who were not vaccinated were, according to health regulations, isolated.

The Conservative Party of Canada, for medical reasons, refuses to say which of its MPs received two doses.

First Parliamentary Exercises

The session begins with the election of a new president on Monday. Governor General Mary Simon will read the speech from the throne in the Senate on Tuesday.

Liberal MP Anthony Rotta, the Speaker of the House of Commons throughout the last session, was re-elected after giving the opportunity to MEPs in the new hybrid format, after skillfully guiding the Commons through the first three waves of the Govt-19 epidemic. Participate almost in practice.

But presidential elections, in which members of parliament vote by preference and by secret ballot, are unpredictable. Mr. Rota faces three Conservative MPs – Mark Dalton, Chris D’Entremond and Joel Codin – as well as another Liberal MP, Alexandra Mendes and New Democrat Carol Hughes, both of whom were past vice presidents.

Green MP Elizabeth May is also running, but she said in an interview on Sunday that she believes Mr Rota deserves re-election. As a candidate, however, he has the option of delivering a five-minute speech that he would like to use to draw attention to what he considers to be a major mistake made by various presidents over the past 40 years. Has the right to speak in the Commons.

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Only members of the House can vote for the Speaker.

The council will then decide whether or not to resume mixed meetings. The Liberals plan to present a proposal for this earlier this week. They know that the New Democrats and the Greens agree to return to hybrid mode; Black and conservatives oppose it.

Liberal priorities

During the holiday break, liberals hope to pass four bills: new, more targeted support measures related to Govt-19, criminalizing protests against health workers, the implementation of 10 paid sick leave in federal jurisdictions and a ban on alternative treatment. . Mr. Hollande says he believes in the “good faith” of all parties to move these pieces of legislation forward.

He said he would give his support to three of the four bills. Singh promised. The NDP is wary of new support measures related to Govt-19 because Mr. They put an end to other activities that Singh wanted to maintain.

The Speaker of the House could not confirm whether other bills, such as the modernization of the Official Languages ​​Act, promised in the first 100 days, would be submitted as promised.

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