What is allowed or not allowed during the holidays?

With the holidays approaching, many are wondering what they can or cannot do for their family reunions, office parties or even outings.

Host and journalist Pierre-Olivier Zappa answers some questions about what will be allowed this year as the province is still undergoing its fourth wave of COVID-19.

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Q: Are the rules for indoor meetings going to remain the same during the holidays? – Marianne Darwax

Currently, there are no signs of a change in health rules. However, if the government thinks it is possible, it can go for further relaxations.

Keep in mind, however, that last year, the LeCall government gave the Cubs confidence before retreating.

To prevent it from happening again this year, he may have to wait for a date closer to the holiday, before announcing any relaxation.

So if nothing changes at Christmas, a maximum of 10 people or three different families can be gathered inside.

Those who choose to have an outdoor meeting on private land can arrange an event with a maximum of 20 people or members of three different family bubbles.

Q: We rented a room with eight adults and four children. The owner of the salad denies the existence of many of us, saying that it is contrary to the standards in practice. Can I get a refund? – Sebastien Germain

Refunds may be required if the number of people who have to go to the salad exceeds the health standards.

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However, if the booking is made as soon as the tenant knows that these standards are in effect, the landlord has the right to refuse the refund.

And for those who have not yet booked a room for the holidays … good luck with the booking rate being close to 100%.

Q: As an employer, am I entitled to require a vaccine passport to attend our company’s annual banquet? – Mark Duchess

On the advice of various labor lawyers, the answer is yes, it is not a right to attend a Christmas party, it is a privilege.

On the other hand, if he holds this small meeting in the workplace, it is up to the company owner to decide whether or not he wants to impose a vaccination passport.

Q: Does public health allow you to hold an office party in a restaurant? We have 60 employees. – Hubert Vignola

If employees have a vaccination passport and they have access to the restaurant and comply with restaurant hygiene standards, office banquets can be held at the restaurant.

According to the rules, a table can seat a maximum of 10 people and the tables should be placed at a distance of one meter, otherwise there should be plexiglass or barriers between them.

Q: Should children still be in isolation if they set out on a trip south during the holidays? – Emily Telesley

Currently, we have to respect this isolation when returning to 14 days so the child cannot go to school, for example, two weeks after returning home.

Will it change within that? It is possible, but for the time being nothing is recommended.

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Q: On New Year’s Day we will spend five days in New York. Should we present a negative PCR test when we return to Canada? – Jeffrey Maxie

Everything indicates that a negative PCR test is always required when returning to the country for more than 72 hours.

For those traveling to the United States, Pierre-Olivier Zappa recommends making an appointment online at Walgreens Pharmacy, as PCR tests are free and fast.

Q: Are there any flexibilities planned to increase the number of vaccinated people during the holidays?

This is very possible, and many believe so, but we will have to wait for the results of the National Director of Public Health, Dr. Horacio Arruda, and the Minister of Health, Christian Dupe.

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