February 25, 2024

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“Roll to win” failures: “I’ll stop the match”

“Roll to win” failures: “I’ll stop the match”

Can Quebecers who believe they’ve won $10,000 in the famous Tim Hortons contest finally touch their loot?

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There was a computer problem with the “Roll to Win” contest for the app last Monday. Many customers have learned that they have won $10,000 by mistake.

To fix this, the fast food chain removed proof that customers had won the amount, but few had time to take a screenshot of the prize in the application.

The company offered a $50 gift card to customers affected by the technical glitch.

Philippe Richard Bertrand, co-founder of Ampleo Strategies, looks back on this story that damaged Tim Hortons’ image on “Le Québec matin weekend”.

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According to him, Tim Hortons had no choice but to give the prize to the winners, especially those who took screenshots.

“By law, they will be forced to pay […] At the legal level, for Tim Hortons, it will be very difficult to fight against people who have proof that they have won,” he underlines.

Asked about the possible sharing of screenshots among users, Philippe Richard Bertrand explains that Tim Hortons can verify the origin of these captures.

The company will be subject to investigations by government agencies, the expert says.

“Tim Hortons is really in trouble. Lottery Board [en Ontario] Investigation of the case. “You need a permit to hold this type of competition,” he said.

Philippe Richard Bertrand, who advises companies on corporate development, believes that Tim Hortons should end the competition.

“Me, if I were Tim Hortons, I would stop the match because there were other ‘flaws.’ This little computer problem would have popped up again. It would have put them under a lot of pressure for a week off.

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He counters that gift card prices won’t ease the anger of customers who feel cheated.

*Watch Philippe Richard Bertrand’s full interview in the video above*