Saudier-Appalachians: They lose their dads a week before Christmas

One week before Christmas, two loving dads lost their lives in a road accident involving three vehicles in Saudier-Appalach, Tring-Junction.

At 9:15 a.m. Thursday night, a violent collision occurred on Route 112, near 3, west of Tring-Jongshan.e Wrong, shortly before East Proton.

After the tragedy, more debris was found on the roadside at the scene of the accident.

Photo by Jeremy Bernier

After the tragedy, more debris was found on the roadside at the scene of the accident.

Sûreté du Québec spokesman Béatrice Dorsainville explains that a first vehicle will first collide with the rear of the car. This fatal impact occurred after the initial crash, when one of the two vehicles collided head-on, in the opposite direction. .

The clash was devastating and did not give Charles Cognனேe, 42, and Patrick Sir, 38, a chance. Drivers of the first and third vehicles quickly breathe their last.

Two more were injured in the incident, but their lives were not in danger.

According to his best friend Jim Roy, Patrick Zaire was on his way home from playing hockey in East Proton. He was only a few blocks from his home when the tragedy happened.

“When I announced it to the others in the locker room, it went like a shock wave. You may have heard the fly fly. He was a kind boy, he was always there for his boyfriends and his kids,” he reveals.

The death of the father of three young children was echoed throughout the municipality, and after the tragedy, he became very involved in his community. “Everyone is sad,” said Mayor Mario Crolio, who said firefighters who were there were particularly affected.

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“Two weeks ago he gave presents to children. [Maintenant]He will take care of others from above, ”said another friend in his thirties.

On the evening of the tragedy, a few days before Christmas, realizing that she had lost a loved one, Malka in tears screamed at a young woman at the scene of the accident.

This is Mr. One of his cousins ​​said he was Cagne’s wife. “I spent the night with her and their three children. It’s hard, a big part of the family is gone. His wife is devastated, ”he whispered as he meditated at the scene.

According to him, he was returning from shopping for an office party today. Food items scattered along the roadside testify to this in the morning.

Sûreté du Québec is investigating to understand what happened. Provincial police have not confirmed whether speed or alcohol may have been the cause of the tragic incident, but no trace has been ruled out at this time.

– In collaboration with Jean-François Racine

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