April 16, 2024

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Outbreak of cases in Bordeaux prison

COVID-19 cases in Bordeaux prison have quadrupled in the last five days.

With 37 people infected with the virus last weekend, the Montreal Prevention Center now has 160 inmates and 11 infected staff within its walls.

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As he did on Sunday, Matthew LaVoy, president of the Association of Peace Officers in the Reform Services, told TVA Nouvelles that easing government health measures was largely the cause of the explosion.

He laments that prisons no longer isolate new inmates and no longer quickly control areas affected by explosions.

“We do not isolate newcomers. There are still transfers between companies. We transferred people from Bordeaux to other companies, which brought pollution, ”he said. Says Laoi.

“It simply came to our notice then. It spreads throughout the establishment, ”he added.

The latter, believing that the Ministry of Public Safety and Public Health is simply overwhelmed by events, argue that no additional measures have been taken to curb the rise of epidemics.

He calls for the repeal of the protocol laid down at the outset of the epidemic.

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