Streaming services: Battle for viewers

Streaming services are becoming standard parts of home entertainment centers, but the problem that viewers are facing is their interests get spilled across various streaming services. As you can choose from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Apple TV, the bill tallies up quite quickly. At the same time, you can also watch them over web browsers on various devices, from smartphones to tablets, so the temptation to have them all is even more present.

All of this is why streaming services have millions of subscribers, and they’re putting their elbows out for every new user. Netflix has more than 200 million subscribers. Amazon Prime is in second place with 150 million subscribers. In third place is Disney Plus, with around 95 million subscribers. In addition, some free streaming services earn money based on advertising. For example, the Fox Tubi streaming service has 33 million monthly users, and Viacom CBS. Pluto streaming service has 28.4 million active users.

In the first quarter of 2021, Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN all Disney Streaming services had a total increase of 131% compared to the year before. Hulu got 30% – 4 million customers, and ESPN got an 83% increase and reached 12.1 million.

It is All About Reach

Streaming services, especially free ones, rely on marketing. If they have enormous subscribers, they can be competitive on the market, especially against Google or Facebook. However, TV commercials still mean more than digital advertising, according to Hirsch. Streaming services don’t have viewers’ reach as classic TV in terms of commercial marketing. TV commercials are better paid, more viewed, and still have better-targeted reach.

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Online commercials can be blocked, ignored and streaming services with social media reach don’t have tools of the trade like TV commercials. On the other hand, product sellers pay commercials, and if streaming services want to capture the same or more extensive audience, they need to invest (in most times) their own money to advertise Streaming services.

Streaming Services Libraries

Netflix is building its own media library, trying to make it versatile and original. They’re so powerful that they can swing the trend momentum in a heartbeat. You’ll probably recall shows like The Queen’s Gambit or Molly’s Game film, which was one of the most successful casino-related movies in recent history. Although the main protagonist in this movie, Jessica Chastain, said she feels like a Canadian on a count of how many days she spent in this country, she was not the reason why online casino in Canada websites received a sudden spike of interest among new poker players. It’s a prime example of the so-called “Netflix effect,” a pop-cultural phenomenon that gives eCommerce new dimensions of selling opportunities. In the context of these two titles, it boosted sales of chess sets, mats, poker chips, and other casino gear.

At the same time, we can, for example, find new episodes of Friends exclusively on HBO Max. Netflix is becoming part of homes and getting a position in culture. From action movies The Old Guard and Extraction to the Tiger King, Netflix made some memorable movies on its own. Amazon is also producing original material, The Queen’s Gambit that got colossal success

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Netflix is the number one Streaming Service, and Disney+ is one fair rival. On the 10th of December 2020, Disney announced 50 new movies they will make in the next few years. From Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, and Pixar productions. Growth rate predictions show that Disney will take the leading part in 2024 and maybe even sooner with this move.

Depending on your family dynamics, you will pick what fits your interests and needs, and streaming war can mean only good things for subscribers – even more, new content. So watch your favourite streaming service at home or on the go and enjoy.

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