She goes through an accident scene not knowing that her son is the victim

Guide | A family fishing trip from La Guadeloupe in Puebla turned out to be a nightmare yesterday morning when their 16-year-old son lost his life in the handles of his motocross, bringing back his girlfriend before the big departure.

At 3 a.m., Natalie Jean woke up as her son was leaving to take his girlfriend to a camp a few blocks from the family home.

Thirty minutes later, the family was about to embark on an unforgettable fishing trip.

Christopher Gilbold is 16 years old.

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Christopher Gilbold is 16 years old.

“He was coming home, I called him in a hurry. These were the last words we exchanged …”, said Christopher Gilbold’s mother, Natalie Jean.

The 16-year-old said he never returned home. While he was riding a motocross on Route 269, a heavy truck came in the opposite direction and turned into Route 26e Avenue hit him.

Due to the lack of headlights on his motorcycle, the young man was completely invisible to the truck driver. The impact is unlikely for teenagers.

The heavyweight who hit Christopher never saw him.

Photo by Jeremy Bernier

The heavyweight who hit Christopher never saw him.

An exception

A few minutes later, with no news, Natalie Jean took her car.

Arriving at the scene of the accident, he asked the police to allow him as he had to go to the camp to pick up his son.

The mother of the family did not even think for a second that the victim was her boyfriend until the intense revelation of the police officers made her realize the tragic event.

“I’m looking at the pictures in my head again, I can not even see him … I was told he was not in trouble”, Ms.Me Jean assures us that his son never used his motorcycle at night because of the lack of headlights.

Christopher took only one exception to lose his life, just 10 minutes round trip. His brother [de 15 ans] I still do not realize that he will never see me again … ”

Victim's mother, Natalie Jean (right) and her partner Annick Tremble.

Photo by Jeremy Bernier

The victim’s mother, Natalie Jean (right) and her partner Annick Tremble.

No resentment

Instead of blaming the driver of the heavy truck that hit the young motorcyclist, Natalie Jean says she has nothing to be ashamed of in this tragic story.

“It was only an accident, but if my son had a light on his motorcycle, it would have saved his life,” he says, as he was wearing a helmet.

Wanting to prevent another drama from happening, he urges other enthusiasts of similar vehicles to see more on the road.

This is the second fatal motocross accident in two weeks in Sadier-Appalachian. In a similar situation, another minor lost his life on July 17 in Saint-Omar.

A dangerous sector, according to neighboring countries

The section of road that killed a 16-year-old motorcyclist yesterday in La Guadeloupe is considered dangerous by neighbors in the area.

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“I prevent my daughter from passing when she picks up the scooter. She has to wander the other streets, which is very dangerous, ”explains Genevieve, a 26-year-old citizen.e Avenue, near Route 269.

I do not know

The problem is that a few meters away from this junction, the road after Camping le Chevalier forms a valley.

At the point of intersection, from above it, it is impossible to see if anyone is there. “Even though the Ford F-150 was in the hole, it was invisible,” the woman recalled.

Many say you need to stop for several seconds at a meeting that is familiar to local citizens to avoid attacking someone coming from the opposite direction.

“The big mistake”

“When they rebuilt the bridge, they made a big mistake. They should have raised it a good 4 feet, ”said Daniel Lessard, another neighbor at the meeting.

Met him and some other citizens Newspaper, There is no doubt that the way the road was built played a role in this play.

It turned out to be almost invisible at night, even though there were no headlights on Christopher Gilbold’s motocross.

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