April 16, 2024

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Size of State: “We're Promised a Meal, We're Arriving Morbidly Obese”

Size of State: “We're Promised a Meal, We're Arriving Morbidly Obese”

The broken promise of the CAQ to reduce the size of the state caused a lot of reactions from the board members of “La Joute” on Wednesday.

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During the 2018 election campaign, he had promised to eliminate 5,000 civil servant posts in 4 years, but instead the number of civil servants has increased.

“We were promised food, and we arrived with morbid obesity. The size of the state continues to grow, and it is very difficult to lose the weight needed to produce,” says Yasmin Abdelfadel.

Luc Lavoie condemns the tendency of Quebec and all countries to always increase the number of civil servants.

“They're everywhere! It's become clear that wealth is no longer created in Quebec, because a civil servant, by definition, doesn't create wealth, it creates spending,” Juster declares.

For Marc-Andre Leclerc, it is a mistake to think that hiring civil servants increases government efficiency and reduces delays for citizens.

“We're already waiting. They added, we'll wait twice as long. That's Quebec: it's a big waiting room. We're waiting, we're not operated on. We're waiting, we don't have a family doctor,” he laments.

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