Smog and poor air quality: Smog is back

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Winds have returned, favoring the return of smoke from wildfires to Quebec. Game level.

Wind direction changes

After several days it moved away from the smoke and returned to the province due to a change in wind direction. Smog is carried behind air masses that begin their descent from north to south.


Radars show that the smoke will be less dense than last Sunday. However, it is thick enough to affect air quality.

VMET11 smoke

Poor air quality and smog warnings

As of this writing, much of the landscape has already received a Poor Air Quality Warning Bulletin. The south and west of the province will remain under a smog warning throughout the day Thursday. A high concentration of fine particles in suspension is present in the air from Abidpy to Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean through the metropolitan area.

VMET11 moment

Smoke will remain in these areas throughout the day before gradually clearing on Friday. However, it may last a little longer in the coming days.

Environment Canada reminds us that wearing a properly fitted N-95 mask reduces health risks. It is better to limit your outdoor activities as much as possible.

With the collaboration of Nicholas Lessard, meteorologist.

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