Mandatory vaccination | Anglet believes the move will only apply to the health network

(Quebec) Dominic Angled, leader of the official opposition, says the duty to vaccinate against COVID-19 should be reserved for health workers only.

Jocelyn Richer
Canadian Press

The Liberal leader reaffirmed his party’s position on Saturday at the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) youth conference at the Troyes-Rivieres CEGEP.

Whether she was a teacher or a civil servant, she did not see the need to extend the compulsory vaccination to other sections of the workforce.

But he demands that all employees of the health network be vaccinated as soon as possible, as well as activate the vaccination passport.

“We want to see the duty of vaccination in the health sector. It is important for us that this sector is compulsorily vaccinated, not other sectors, but this one in particular,” he told a news conference at the end of the day, at the end of the event.

“For other sectors, this is not one of the priorities,” he added.

In recent days, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced his intention to make the Govt-19 vaccine mandatory for all federal employees.

MMe Angleda condemns Prime Minister Franois LeCald’s refusal to hold an emergency parliamentary commission on arrangements to implement the vaccine passport. She believes her attitude “does not serve democracy and does not serve the Cubs.”

In the closing speech of the event, Mr.Me Angled stressed his vision of “modern Quebec,” which he said would contrast with the backward look of Prime Minister Franுவாois Legaldin, who continues to oppose the economy and the environment.

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Change of leader in the youth section

Gabriel Ahmed will succeed Frederick Laoi-Camache as head of the youth wing of BBRQ. In his speech, he wondered how the party would do to attract young people to the PLQ in the election year 2022.

In the hopes of getting there, young liberals will pledge to join the PLQ on the university campuses and CEGEPs by ensuring a regular presence next year, convincing students to join the PLQ and vote for the Liberals in the next referendum.

Congress allowed the youth to adopt certain resolutions and then they could walk to other events of the party. MMe Anglet gave its support to the adopted resolution, allowing students who are parents to defer repayment of their student loan.

The young liberals passed a resolution in favor of a four-day work week, including a pilot program before finally implementing such a move across the community. MMe Without making any commitment, Anglet was open to the idea. Measures to facilitate work-family balance should be welcomed, he said.

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