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LIn Sherbrook court, Marel Taql pleaded not guilty to security charges against Allah. The Ministry of Public Security protested the release of the accused.

It is for this reason that the inquiry into the release of the suspect will be held on Tuesday.

Mr. Taql Allah forbade direct or indirect contact with many people involved in this case.

Note that the attack took place on Sunday night from Sunday to Monday near the market in Carre de Sherbrook. Four people, Marel Taql Allah and his three sons, are said to have beaten the victim on the pretext that he had contact with the daughter and sister of the attacker, who was not recognized by the family.

At 11pm, the victim was at the Kare Market with a friend. Then, four people reportedly hit him in surprise.

“The victim was badly beaten and then knocked to the ground and eventually lost consciousness,” explains Samuel Duchairme, a spokesman for the Service de Police de Sherbrook (SPS).

The suspects are said to have fled in the vehicle before being detained by SBS police.

Following the investigation, SBS was able to establish the circumstances of the attack. “A father and his three sons have committed an honor crime because the victim may have been in contact with the attacker’s daughter and sister without the family’s permission,” he said. Toucheme mentions.

Four people were arrested. The father, Marel Duckle, appeared Monday and promised to have three sons, aged 19 to 23, appear.

The victim was taken to a hospital center in the area. We will not fear for his life. However, the victim sustained significant injuries.

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The SBS investigation into the case continues Monday evening.

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