Pastor Jean Pillon was sentenced to three and a half years in prison

(Salaberi-de-Wellfield) Stolen childhood, distorted life, buried secrets. Victims of Father Jean Pylon have lived in pain and humiliation for more than three decades. On Wednesday, they broke the silence in front of the attacker. The pastor of Clarks de Saint-Wyder was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for sexually abusing 12 students in the 1980s.

Louis-Samuel Perron

Louis-Samuel Perron

“I have become a public danger on the edge of society. I found myself on the street and committed adultery. You taught me, Jean!” A powerful witness who was greeted by the applause of the victims at the Saliberi-de-Wellfield court complex.

Nine out of twelve of the clergymen gave horrific accounts on Wednesday because the 79-year-old defendant pleaded guilty to 12 types of indecent offenses for sexual offenses committed between 1982 and 1988. Often, these traumatic events are the first time they have believed.

At the time, his father, Jean Pillon, was an officer at the College Fork in Ricard. Thus, he used the influence of the residents to build a relationship of trust. The door to her office – next to her bedroom – was still open. According to his activity, he first massaged the victim’s feet, before making sexually transgressive gestures.

Some victims were attacked only once, while others were attacked on multiple occasions. In all cases, the victims, young boys and girls were far removed from their loved ones, and the consequences of being betrayed by a kind priest who won their trust were dramatic.

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“You used your power to satisfy your bad desires with the help of immoral means,” Tony said, marked by a lifetime of aggression that he felt was an “aggression.”

Photo by Martin Chamberland, Press

Jean Pillon and their relatives are victims in court

“This man called himself the man of God. In my child’s mind, I’m a man I can trust with full confidence, and I owe him respect and obedience,” Hubert said, adding that “feelings of shame and anger still linger in my life.” Said.

Prolonged pain

This tragedy is even more evident for Felix, who dedicated his life to “protecting children” as a teacher. “You stole my life, you stole the lives of hundreds of children. At age 14, you chose to cut off my wings,” he said, referring to the “cruelty and evil” of religion.

Alcohol problem, panic attacks, general anxiety: Ulysses describes himself as a “wounded, wounded and traumatized” man. “I am a gentle student. Father Pylon misused my trust because he was the study director. He took advantage of my youth, my suffering and my great impact, ”he said.

The only woman among the victims, Veronica described how she was called a “fabulator” or “crazy” when she wanted to reprimand her attacker. “I ordered you to shut up,” he said. Since then, she has lived “rolling herself.” His body is in “permanent misery.”

Canton has been in prison for 35 years. A “prison” in his head. “He spoiled his low intuition on the kids,” he insulted. Because of this, he looked straight into the eyes of his executioner on Wednesday and wanted to interrogate him. How many victims has he created? Who knows about the brothers?

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However, Judge Bertrand St.-Arnaud brought him to the order. “The boy ruined our lives. He really ruined our lives! In Secondary 2, the last week of my life was school. I broke down very young, “he said.

“Judge, will you support us?” For me, I am 35 years old, prison in my head. I say increase the sentence to five years. You have the power to do that, ”he said.

Photo by Ivano Demers, Press Archives

Pastor Jean Pillon, 2003

Thus, when sentencing Jean Pillon to three-and-a-half years in prison, Judge St.-Arnaud took a long time to explain why he should recognize the lawyers’ reasonable general advice based on the Supreme Court’s teachings. The judge also recalled that by admitting guilt, the court avoided Jean Pillon to testify to the victims with uncertain results at a lengthy trial.

Before handcuffing, Jean Pillon addressed the victims to ask for a “true apology.” “I am being demolished. Demolished deep inside. It hurts me. Sorry, I’m sorry I let you live, “he said.

Me Ulrich Kadir defended the accused, while Ms.e Miley Brown represented the case. Keep in mind that the alleged 360 victims are part of a joint operation targeting the clergy of Saint-Vietnam. The other priests of this congregation are still awaiting their criminal trial.

* Fictional names to protect the identity of victims

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