April 17, 2024

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Steroids behind Montrealer's sudden death: Coroner sounds warning to avoid new tragedies

Steroids behind Montrealer's sudden death: Coroner sounds warning to avoid new tragedies

In a recent report on the Montrealer's sudden death last summer, a coroner has warned of a lack of oversight and research into the consumption of anabolic steroids among amateur athletes.

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“It seems to me undeniable that the use of performance-enhancing substances is a dangerous practice,” M bluntly writes.e Julie-Kim Godin.

“People are taking it without understanding the risks they are exposing themselves to,” he added in an interview Newspaper.

A few weeks ago the coroner made public his investigation into the sudden death of Eric Sam Bridge Holtzman in Montreal late last July.

The key role of anabolic steroids in the tragedy forces the Quebec government and Quebec's National Institute of Public Health (INSPQ) to be alerted so they can look into the phenomenon.

adverse effects

Mr. Holtzman died, despite his highly developed muscles, working as an athlete and personal trainer.

But he also dabbled in black-market “easily accessible” steroids for a long time, says M.e Julie-Kim Godin.

“A person can have the best lifestyle habits, but consuming this type of substance is completely counterproductive to all other efforts,” he asserts.

I'm Julie-Kim Godin, coroner

“Courtesy, Archives”

And the 32-year-old's life took a sudden turn. He was traveling in a friend's vehicle and was returning from the gym when he lost consciousness.

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As soon as the car stopped on the side of the road, Mr. Holtzman's friend tried everything to revive him, as did first responders. However, it was impossible to save him.

Larger than average

The damage had already been done: Eric Sam Bridge Holtzman suffered from cardiomegaly, so his heart was larger than average for a man.

The pathologist also noted thickening of the muscles of both ventricles of the heart.

“In the present case, the post-mortem results […] Mr. “Confirmed that Holtzman's lifestyle and consumption habits could have caused permanent and serious damage to his health,” said Mr.e Godin.

Also note that steroids can harm a person's psychological health. Mr. Holtzman was taking fluvalprazolam, which provides sedative or antidepressant effects.

“Anxious Ending”

“A sad end to a wonderful child's life,” laments Stephen C. Holtzman broke off his relationship with his son fifteen years ago.

He laments the inaction of the authorities to prevent such tragedies in recent decades.

“Unlike professional or elite athletes, amateur athletes are not subject to regular doping tests and are subject to less supervision,” M argues.e Godin, He recalled that other Quebecers had died from it in the past.

As “very little research” has been done on the subject, the Ministries of Health and Social Services and Education should collaborate with the INSPQ so that an in-depth study takes place, the coroner recommends.

Awareness campaigns and tools should also be used.