The Death of Marilyn Bergeron: A Journalist in Lewis

A resident of a home in Saint-Romuald was arrested today after physically assaulting a journalist as part of an ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Marilyn Fergon. Newspaper.

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The person, who was irritated by the presence of the media, insulted the representative of the organization Newspaper The latter was photographing the house during his work and while he was on the sidewalk, on the second day of police recruitment in Lewis.

Yvon Côté of Lewis was arrested this Thursday for assaulting our journalist while on police security duty in the Saint-Romuald district.

Photo by TVA Novels, Sébastien Dubois

Yvon Côté of Lewis was arrested this Thursday for assaulting our journalist while on police security duty in the Saint-Romuald district.

Yvon Côté, 63, is not subject to any arrests or charges in connection with the disappearance file. He took his place in his vehicle near his home as the day before.

“I take a picture of my Thaparnak [sic] “He started the co-owner of the house, got out of his car and pushed journalist Jeremy Bernier into an iceberg with both hands, leaving him unharmed.

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In prison

Police officers quickly intervened and calmed the situation and the man was arrested for assault and threats by the Service de police de la Ville de Lévis (SPVL).

According to the SPVL, he is scheduled to appear in a Quebec court tomorrow and will remain in custody overnight.

On Wednesday, while Yvon Côté was spending hours in his car, journalists were working near his home. Waiting for the search to end at the same place again today.

“We confirm that a complaint has been lodged with the police. This is a completely unacceptable process. The work of our journalists in the field is paramount and their safety is our top priority. We’re taking all possible steps to ensure this, ”said Sebastien Maynard, publisher and editor-in-chief. Quebec newspaper.

This episode is in addition to the many incidents of journalists being intimidated in recent weeks, especially in Ottawa.

Michael Nuen, president of the Confederation of Journalists’ Professional Association of Quebec, condemned the attack, saying it was “meaningless to attack a journalist” and that he wanted an “important message” from the courts.

The search stops

For its part, the Quebec City Police today continued their search of the home of Camin du Salt, while refusing to confirm any connection with Marilyn Bergeron, who has been missing for 14 years.

However, just before 6pm, the command post and forensic identification vehicle left the scene.

Public works trucks from Quebec City were then on site and backfilling operations began.

With pebbles, workers seemed to want to fill the vacuum attached to the excavation.

– In collaboration with Jeremy Bernier and Jean-Franோois Racine

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