April 21, 2024

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The emergency law was not unanimous in parliament

The use of the emergency law to put an end to the protests that are rocking Canada does not have the unanimous support of parliament: the New Democrats support the Liberals, but the Conservative Party opposes it, the Black Quebecois.

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“The reason we use the emergency law is clear to anyone who visits Ottawa frequently or tries to cross the Canada-US border in several provinces,” Justice Minister David Lametti said, referring to the “unprecedented” event.

During a news conference on Wednesday, Federal Defense Minister Marco Mendicino noted that four major obstacles had been removed since the law was introduced on Monday.

However, there is no need to use any specific provision in the orders issued on Tuesday as part of the declaration of police emergency measures in these places.

The Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ontario, reopened on Sunday, resulting in more than 20 arrests. Police then ended the siege of Guatez in Alberta on Monday, followed by a siege of the Pacific Highway in British Columbia on Tuesday, and ended with Manipur’s Emerson on Wednesday.

The law will allow ministers to defend the government’s decision and pull the carpet out of the feet of radical opponents who are trying their luck elsewhere, even though the most damaging locks have already been put in place, thus preventing further these next steps. Quickly.

Mr. Mendicino underscored the “creation” of the Gauts Dam as a “small organization” by “extremist ideology” that would have forged ties with some protesters in Ottawa. The nature of these links is not detailed.

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The evolution of the situation led to heated debates in Parliament, which forced the Chamber President to intervene again and again to calm things down.

Conservative leader Candice Bergen, who believes the situation is already “escalating” across the country, has accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of using the “hammer” of the law to “protect his skin” at the political level.

Newly from his Caucasus meeting, Black Quebec Yves-François Blanchet announced that his delegates would wage a “fierce” struggle against the imposition of law in Quebec.

“The scale of the action taken by the federal government is more of a political intervention than a defense,” he said. Blanchett said.

The latter accused the Emergency Operations Act of “dressing up and modernizing” the war operations law, but the historical basis is correct.

However, Minister David Lametti prepared the attack by stating that “the emergency law is not a law of war operations” because it does not allow violations of the Charter of Rights and Freedom.

A motion in support of the application of the Emergency Act must be submitted before the end of the week.

New Democrat leader Jagmeet Singh sided with the Liberal government, but blamed the current crisis on “failures at all levels of government.”