April 17, 2024

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The FAE Treaty: Instantly Accepted, Instantly Criticized

The FAE Treaty: Instantly Accepted, Instantly Criticized

Immediately accepted, the agreement in principle between the FAE and the Quebec government was criticized on Saturday.

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After the first eight rounds of voting, the tie was 4 in favor and 4 against. On Friday evening, the Hat-Yamaska ​​Education Union decided by voting 50.58% in favor of the contract. In the end, the FAE officially ratified the agreement in principle by 13 votes.

Under the union's Facebook post, opinions are more divided. Some are happy that an agreement has been reached, while others express their disagreement.

Questioned by TVA Nouvelles, several authors did not hide their disappointment.

“It makes you feel like you can be bought. For me, it's not for the salary, I'm going for the working conditions,” affirms Julien Perrault.

“Everything that was the main focus of FAE, in the end, the mix of class and our working conditions, we didn't get much of,” comments Karine Beaulieu.

Treasury Board President Sonia Lebel admits the work is far from over and promises to hear the teachers' message.

For his part, the Minister of Education, Bernard Trinville, is pleased with the result, but says there are still issues to be resolved.

The question of the school calendar is certainly one of the topics of debate, which is still active. The new dates for the ministerial exams revealed in the catch-up plan sparked outrage on Friday, forcing the ministry to reconsider its plans.

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