End of red zones in Quebec as of Monday

End of red zones in Quebec as of Monday

(Montreal) Quebec enters a new phase of restructuring on Monday when there will be no red zones across the region.

The Canadian Press

Two of the most populous areas in Quebec, Montreal and Laval, will go from red to orange on June 7.

Restaurants can again keep customers staying inside. All high school students can return full time just in time to finish the school year with their group.

All RCMs in the Pass-Saint-Laurent and Saudier-Appalachian areas will change from red to orange.

Sagovene – Lock-Saint-Gene, Morrisi and other areas such as Center-to-Quebec are moving to the Yellow Line, while Abbott-Demiskaming, Cote d’Ivoire and Northern Quebec will find themselves in the Green Zone from Monday and allow up to 10 people from the indoor team. Sports and indoor meetings.

Meanwhile, health officials are urging Quebecs who have not already done so to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Furthermore, it is possible this week to advance appointments for the administration of a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine if eight weeks have elapsed between two doses.

New time locations will be posted on the Click Sande portal, with those 80s and older starting Monday, those 75 and over Tuesdays, those 70s and over Wednesdays and so on.

Quebec delivered 94,384 new doses of the COVID-19 vaccine on Saturday, administering a total of 6 million doses to date. The province managed the levels at a rate of 70.13%.

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