The Hellcat-side-by-side swap could only end badly

The Hellcat-side-by-side swap could only end badly

There is a kind of universality to wanting to pack the biggest, most powerful engine into the smallest and lightest package. We all wonder, “Well, what would a 1,000-horsepower motorcycle be like?” Or maybe it’s just me and my kindred spirits SXS Blog That puts the Dodge Demon’s 800-horsepower box engine in side-by-side.

These people were responsible for a number of constructions side by side that were completely disconnected from reality. And the diabolical swap isn’t even the craziest; That goes to the 1,000-horsepower side-by-side spec They built last year which use Toyota 2JZ engine for catalyst. While this build was specifically meant to run fast, the Demon-swapped build is only designed to do burnout.

It’s an exercise in cognitive dissonance. The outside looks mostly like a normal CF-Moto 1000XL but underneath is complete insanity. Ford Mustang wheels reveal the secret to brilliance, but under the lift-away bed is the Dodge Demon’s 800-hp 6.2-liter V8. It’s decorative in every sense, with the rear seats hosting most of the engine, while the Powerglide gearbox hides right behind the engine. Via a short driveshaft, the power is wrapped into an S550 Mustang rear subframe complete with control arms, axles and rear differential.

Lots of custom manufacturing made the switching possible, with a custom gear linkage configured to connect the Powerglide to the shifter location with the 3D-printed gates to match. A rear-mounted cooler keeps things in check, while a front-mounted oil cooler keeps the oil temperature in check. The transmission is specifically designed to be shifted between first and second gear quickly to control wheel speed during fatigue. The machine will run at an estimated rear wheel speed of 170 mph during the burnout, which is tire-popping territory.

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Construction is newly in operation but hasn’t made a fuss yet. So while it sounds great and over the top fear, there are steps that haven’t been completed yet. But at this point, praise is in order: This is one of the craziest things on four wheels.

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