There is no apology from the arbitrator of the discussion

Shachi Kurl, the moderator of the Leaders’ Debate in English, spoke for the first time in two weeks to the leader of the Black Quebecos who raised a voice in Quebec to defend his tooth and nail his question.

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Question: “You deny that Quebec has racist problems. Yet you defend laws such as Bill 96 and Bill 21 that exclude religious minorities, anglophones and allophones. Can you help Canadians living outside the province to understand why your party supports these discriminatory laws?”

In Comment letter Released on Saturday Globe and Mail, MMe Kurl defended his question “beyond doubt.”

“This question gave Mr. Blanchett the opportunity to speak to people outside of Quebec about secularism. He may have shared the Quebec perspective with other parts of Canada. He did not choose to do so,” he wrote.


The affair caused a great deal of controversy, with the Quebec National Assembly unanimously passing a resolution apologizing to the broadcasting committee and condemning “Quebec pashing”. Kurl denounced it as “censorship”.

If she realizes that the question could have been asked differently, she hopes it will not stop the leaders of the federal parties and the Quebec Prime Minister Franசois Legal from being “exploited for their own purposes”.

Consensus critical reactions

Mr. Yves-Franசois Blanchett, President of the Black Quebecos.Me Kurl describes her as an “victim” of Canadian culture in an open letter.

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She said [dans sa lettre] It spreads and clarifies the same prejudices, the same contempt, the same certainty of moral superiority.

Alexandre Blarris, vice president of the New Democratic Party (NDP), called for “recognizing the weight of his words and apologizing.”Me Curl

“When there is this problem all over Canada, it is a serious mistake to say that there is a racism problem in only one province,” he said in a written statement.

Erin O’Donoghue’s press secretary, the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, apologized for the question and insisted that Cubes were “not racists.”

“The moderator has the right to comment against the majority of Cubs” and Mr. Legalt announced the office of the Prime Minister of Quebec, Franசois Legalt.

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