Montreal Project | $ 110 million public safety program

The outgoing mayor of Montreal, Valerie Plant, unveiled her party’s public safety plan on Saturday. A $ 110 million project spread over four years, and it will guarantee Montreal City (SPVM) Police Department funding “for a long time”.

Coralie Laplande

Coralie Laplande

Valerie Plant reiterated that Montreal is a safe city and that its administration does not define the police.

“To say that Montreal is dangerous is to give up, I think it is to give up,” the mayor said, adding that the city will “deal” with the gun problem in particular.

“Project Montreal is committed to supporting various SPVM groups in combating armed violence, deploying SPVM personnel in the hot districts of Montreal, establishing intervention and community mediation committees in all metropolitan areas, and ultimately developing emergency funding.”

Valerie Blonde made the announcement of the investment, directly from her party offices in the Ville-Marie metropolis.

The outgoing mayor was accompanied by Victor Armani candidate Carolyn Bourgeois for the position of mayor of the city of Rivier-des-Prairie-Point-Aux-Trembles and chairman of the Executive Committee on Public Security and Town Councilor. In Snowden County.

Photo by Sarah Mongev-Burkett, Special Gallery

In order to strengthen the bond of trust between police officers and the public, Project Montreal aims to promote the commitment of police officers to their neighborhood for at least three years.

Project Montreal also promises to invest $ 15 million over four years to establish mobile mediation and community intervention groups (ÉMMIS) in all major cities of the city.

A pilot project is currently underway in the Ville-Marie metropolis to test the activities of this group of social workers who are called upon to help people in crisis rather than the police.

“We know there are significant needs in the city of Montreal, but there are also needs in the West in the Northeast,” Caroline Bourgeois said.

Photo by Sarah Mongev-Burkett, Special Gallery

Carolyn Bourgeois

EMIS implementation details will be determined following the pilot project. However, Valerie Plant said the Society de Transport de Montreal (SDM) or even a dealer facing a social problem can call the EMIS rather than the police.

Establishing a $ 15 million emergency fund is included in Project Montreal’s public safety plan to “respond quickly to any emergency.”

Valerie Plant said she was pleased with the announcement of “Carcajo Group 2.0” by Quebec’s Minister of Public Security Genevieve Gilbold on Friday. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s government.

“It’s a filter on the border,” he said.

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