April 15, 2024

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Thermal Dome Drivers Modification of Emergency Protocols in BC

With the reality of climate change, we can no longer ignore the fact that this kind of threat will often occur in the future., Says British Columbia Public Defense Minister Mike Bournworth.

On Tuesday, the Lytton community broke the Canadian temperature record for the third day in a row, 49.6. With C.

The government is currently rewriting its emergency protocol, mainly on wildfires and floods. The events of the last days will be taken into account in the new law, Assures the Minister.

Water points are located throughout the city of Vancouver.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Justin Paulie-Poud Trier

So Vancouver is better prepared

The Vancouver Police Department on Wednesday announced a further 53 deaths related to the heat wave. The mayor, Kennedy Stewart, promises that the City will quickly review its emergency protocol to better prepare the metropolis for the next heat wave.

I can’t even imagine what families are doing today thinking about losing someone on the weekend, Says the mayor.

To prevent a similar situation from happening again during future heat waves, he ordered the city’s municipal manager to amend emergency regulations as soon as possible.

We cannot allow this to happen again.

An excerpt from:Kennedy Stewart, Mayor of Vancouver

This will help them better prepare for future episodes of extreme heat and implement additional measures to help prevent deaths.

We will learn from it and do everything we can to ensure that people are protected in the future., Says Kennedy Stewart.

Kennedy Stewart says there will be a review of emergency protocols An important learning element It can be used nationally so that other cities can improve.

Strengthening rescue teams

Kennedy Stewart thanked firefighters, police and other emergency responders. He did everything he could for the community.

He also announced direct funding provided by Victoria for emergency medical responses.

With this funding, two additional medical units will be added to the Vancouver Fire Department.

Apparently, the intense heat has been devastating, but the mayor says I’m afraid it’s not surprising. Scientists have been ringing alarm bells for years, and this heat wave is just another reminder , This Kennedy Stewart.

Therefore, he adds, governments, businesses and communities need to redouble their efforts to tackle climate emergencies.