Truckers’ Struggle in Ottawa: Trudeau May Speak Monday

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may release a statement on Monday about the demonic demonstration in front of the Ottawa Parliament, three days after the first trucks arrived.

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Mr. Although Trudeau had “probably” planned to speak, government sources told the QMI agency that it was not yet clear “what form” his statement would take due to the instability in Parliament Hill.

This is the first time the Prime Minister has appeared in public since the protests began.

On Saturday, Justin Trudeau and his family were moved from their home to a secret location as a preventative measure.

The prime minister’s daily itinerary, which usually includes the names of cities that are part of his travels, was exceptionally shown on Sunday as the “National Capital Region”.

Genevieve Tellier, a political scientist at the University of Ottawa, said Justin Trudeau was “addressing Canadians who have been vaccinated in Canada and are scratching their heads while watching television”. Talking to protesters is a futile act for the Prime Minister.

An extraordinary parliamentary twist

The new parliamentary session will begin on Monday. With the full rise of the Omigron variant, the work of the House of Commons was postponed to December 17th.

On Sunday evening, elected officials waited for Parliament’s Sergeant-at-Arms news to find out what to expect on Monday. The protesters, who were there on Sunday evening, had no intention of leaving the venue, even though the crowd was significantly less than the day before.

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The latter throwing a stone from government buildings would further complicate the work of MPs. Many may choose to work remotely, which has become common practice in Ottawa.

O’Tool on tight rope

The situation especially complicates the task of Erin O’Dool, the leader of the curators, who finds himself between the tree and the bark. “There are those who find that Erin O’Toole did not go far enough to support the protesters, while others find that he does go too far,” Genevieve Delier explained.

Other major Conservatives, such as Pierre Poilièvre and Candice Bergen, have made their support for truckers vague.

The absence of violent outbursts over the weekend may gain them a growing number of supporters, but Ms. Maxim Bernier is expected to benefit on Saturdays and Sundays.Me Delier.

“It simply came to our notice then. […] I think it’s Maxim Bernier’s weekend. If there is no break, it will present it in a more positive light than we had last year, ”he said.

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