Trucker crisis: Ottawa Police Chief resigns

In the turmoil, Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloley resigned Tuesday, angered by his inaction on the face of truckers’ headquarters in the city, under the weight of criticism from the public and elected officials.

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“It is clear that many police services boards, city councils and the public are not satisfied with the police response to ending the occupation,” Mayor Jim Watson said.

Since the start of the Ottawa occupation 19 days ago, many citizens have criticized the police's permissive attitude towards protesters.

Photo by QMI Agency, Joel Lemme

Since the start of the Ottawa occupation 19 days ago, many citizens have criticized the police’s permissive attitude towards protesters.

For his part, the former president was vague about the motives behind his resignation, which comes into effect immediately after two years as head of the service.

Especially Mr. Several media outlets have reported scuffles within his police force as Sloli insulted his colleagues and failed to implement a plan to end the crisis.

Less repression

Peter Sloley, from Jamaica, served in the Toronto Police Department for 27 years before becoming Ottawa’s Chief of Police.

The 55-year-old is known for his progressive, community-based approach to policing with less focus on law enforcement.

Peter Sloley, former Ottawa Police Service Chief.

Screenshot, TVA Nouvelles

Peter Sloley, former Ottawa Police Service Chief.

His contract with the Toronto Police Service expired in 2016.

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“I understand [Sloly] Is in favor of a kind of conflict-free policing. But in this case, he’s not the right person to handle the situation, “said Heather Black, a Downtown resident.

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Citizens have been criticized for standing idly by as protesters carrying gas cans or officers honking their horns incessantly.

“It simply came to our notice then [Sloly] He tried to reconcile with the protesters, Judge Franசois Torre, a retired police officer. But at some point, you need to know how to apply the rules correctly, but for sure. ⁇

In addition, the former Sûreté du Québec pointed out that the Ottawa Police are performing worse than their counterparts in Quebec and Toronto.

On Tuesday, on the street next to Parliament, an Ontario trucker was delighted to receive a police chief.

“It’s a good sign, something is going on,” said 47-year-old Greg Conson.

– With Roxane Trudel

As of Monday, Ottawa’s occupation has cost taxpayers $ 14.1 million in police costs, including the salaries of RCMP officers.

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