Ottawa is said to have reached an agreement on compensation for tribal children

Within hours of its passage in 2022, the Globe & Mail revealed that a provisional first countries child protection agreement would have been finalized.

The agreement was reached on the last day of talks with parties including representatives of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), First Nations Child and Family Caring Society and class action cases related to the protection of tribal children.

Details have not yet been announced, but a press conference is expected to take place on Tuesday.

Earlier this month, the federal government announced $ 40 billion in compensation for tribal children who have been evicted from their families since 1990.

Half of this will be compensation for children and their families, while the other half will improve child care services in tribal communities.

The $ 40 billion pledge is linked to legal action over class action cases and the finding of a Canadian human rights tribunal. With less funding for government services since 2006, Ottawa will be forced to pay up to $ 40,000 in compensation for every first-country child unnecessarily placed in foster care.

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