BIG suspends eight million ice removal deals

The Inspector General of Montreal issued an order canceling a total of more than $ 8 million in de-icing contracts in the wake of an investigation that showed a contractor placed on the contracts block would have succeeded in pursuing his business activities under a different name. To his son and daughter.

Vincent Laroch

Vincent Laroch

In recent months, the Inspector General’s Office (PIG) ​​has launched an investigation into Na-Sa, which has won snow removal contracts covering the coming years in the major cities of the River-des-Prairie. -Ox-Tremor and Anjo.

According to a report submitted by PIG to the city council on Monday, the investigation revealed that the company was closely associated with Yuen Dupe, the head of excavation Anzo. Mr. Dubai and Archaeologist Anzo were barred from public contracts in 2017 because they would have worked as a candidate for a drilling contractor who wanted to continue his operations after being selected to participate in a joint venture in a concession deal.

Same equipment, same garage, same cast …

Na-sa was formed shortly after excavations were excluded from Anzo. The new business is 90% owned by Yuen DuPay’s wife and 10% by his son. In addition to targeting the same contracts, the excavation uses the Anzo garage and the same equipment. Its head office is at the home of Yuen DuPay. The latter were found in the workplace on several occasions and participated in the activities and supervision of staff, investigators noted.

According to the report, an investigator once approached a Na-sa worker. When asked about the identity of the real manager of the company, the worker called his foreman on the phone. The latter shouted loudly into the receiver, and even from a distance, the investigator heard him say: “Say nothing! Don’t say anything! Don’t say anything Tabernacle! ”

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According to BIG, there is no real separation between Yuen Dupe, excavator Anzo and his son and his wife’s new business, which has amassed more than eight million deals with the city.

It is an illusion to claim any stamp between the interests of two family businesses.

Extract from the statement

So Inspector General Brigitte Bishop announces the termination of the company’s contracts and recommends that Juan Dupe be reinstated on the city’s public contracts block list for three years. He also suggests that his wife and son stay on the same list for two years.

Business challenge

Na-sa has denied the OIG’s findings and allowed it to know whether it believes it is violating its power in the matter. Yuen Dube and Archaeologist Anzo have already begun proceedings before the courts today to compete against the exclusion from municipal contracts, pending a verdict in this regard. Mr. Dubey is an entrepreneur who has been integrated since the beginning, he has never been involved in collusion or corruption in the industry.

Mr. Dubai and Archaeologist Anzo published headlines in the early 2000s for denouncing authorities a joint project in the field of ice removal. As a result of an investigation by the Competition Bureau following their condemnation, six companies were allowed to share contracts with Minister des Transport in the Montreal region. The prices paid by the Ministry were 20% higher than the estimates for this type of work.

Yuen Dupe and his father described being paid to get into the joint venture and then being threatened for refusing to participate. Their testimony is important in punishing the perpetrators.

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