Vaccine Passport: Hard to Convince

The vaccine passport puts pressure on the last cubes not to be fully vaccinated, but experts believe the last useless one will not rush in any time.

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There was no rush at the gate at the vaccination clinics in Montreal on Saturday.

At the same place, Angela Ford was one of the few who wanted to be vaccinated specifically so as not to be bullied by the passport.

“It’s going to the shops, otherwise I wouldn’t have kept it [la deuxième dose] Before traveling, ”said the 43-year-old.

A large passport

According to data from Quebec’s National Public Health Agency, the number of daily injections continues to decline despite the government’s new move.

“You have to remember that this is not the main purpose of the passport. The idea is to have a higher security margin and the risk of spreading is less,” D emphasizes.R. Amir Qadir, Microbiologist.

The former MP said if the move was extended to several places, including universities or shopping centers, it would be a better opportunity to convince the last suspects.

Head of the Intensive Care Unit at Charles Le Moine Hospital, D.C.R. Jermaine is a liar.

“I think if we get 85-90% vaccinated, we can say the task is done,” the doctor says.

He reminds us that Quebec is already one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, with 80% of people aged 12% and over doubly vaccinated.

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Avoid bullying

Jermaine Bourier did not believe that offering the vaccine passport more privileges, such as the right to remove her mask, could convince the last rescuer.

For now, the health situation will not allow it, however, reiterating the importance of the vaccine.

The doctor, who asked, “If you do not want to be vaccinated yourself, at least do this for others,” said there are currently three Govt-19 patients in his unit, three of whom have not been vaccinated.

It ranks first

By the end of August, the number of people vaccinated had risen from 291,000 to 220,000


Proportion of persons eligible to receive at least one dose according to the last estimate.

Intensive treatment Under pressure

The number of beds requiring intensive care due to COVID-19 has increased by 36% since last week, Health Minister Christian Dube said on Twitter on Saturday.

“More patients are staying longer,” the minister said, however, adding that the number of hospital admissions remains stable.

Quebec recorded 666 cases on Saturday, a much more encouraging number than the 750 infections reported on Friday.

Cases explode In Ontario

The number of new infections in Ontario on Saturday exceeded 900 cases. Unheard of since May.

Of the 944 new cases, 736 involved inadequately vaccinated individuals.

The previous day, the most populous province had registered 807 cases.

Faced with a fourth wave, the Ford government announced this week that it would follow the example of Quebec by imposing a vaccination passport until September 22nd.

A gift card For those who have not been vaccinated

Alberta, the hub of the nation’s fourth wave, will offer $ 100 gift cards to vaccinators by October 14.

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The exception was announced at the same time as returning home wearing a mandatory mask, and the ban was lifted this summer.

Currently, 70% of vaccinated Albertans receive two doses, 10% less than in Quebec.

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