War in Ukraine: A contingent of 120 soldiers from Valcardier is sent to Europe

Canadian forces have confirmed that they have sent a team of 5 to 120 soldiers to Europe.And Valcartier base light artillery in response to the situation in Ukraine.

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A National Security Public Affairs spokesman said the soldiers would be sent within the next 30 days to support the battery of the M777 artillery with forward monitors.

At this time, none of the Canadian soldiers had landed in Ukraine. However, Canada has unequivocally condemned Russia’s attacks on Ukraine.

The Prime Minister announced that Canada would extend further military assistance in support of NATO operations.

Canada will contribute 460 additional troops, joining the approximately 800 troops currently stationed in Europe in support of NATO.

If necessary

In addition, approximately 3,400 members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are authorized to deploy as needed within the NATO Response Force.

For many years, CAF members have participated in Operation REASURANCE in Central and Eastern Europe. Many of them are from Royal 22And Valcardier Regiment.

According to UNIFIER mission soldiers, they left Ukraine ten days ago. Operation UNIFIER is a mission to support the security forces of Ukraine.

Already in February 2016, there were 400 Valcardi players in Ukraine and Poland.

In Kiev, Kamyanets-Podilsky and Storich, the training mission focused on explosives, military police training and medical training.

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