“We were going there to celebrate our 10th birthday”: Love crushed by tree during motorcycle ride in America

“We were going there to celebrate our 10th birthday”: Love crushed by tree during motorcycle ride in America

Last week, a 56-year-old motorcycle enthusiast tragically died when a tree fell on the road while on a romantic trip to celebrate 10 years together in the US.

“It’s better she’s gone. Almost a week after the tragic accident that took his wife Angela Di Meo on July 5, Patrick Lavergne is still gasping for breath.

The day before, despite rainy and overcast weather, the couple from Estrie drove to New Hampshire.

“We started living together on July 3, 2013. We were there to celebrate our 10th birthday,” says the 65-year-old. “We slept in a motel near Mount Washington.

The next day, at about 11:20 a.m., near the small town of Lincoln, in the heart of a national forest, the lovers drove past each other “90 km/h” on the tree-lined Highway 112.

“It was sunny,” said Mr. Lavergne recalled.

The couple, Patrick and Angela, were on a motorcycle trip earlier.

Courtesy of Patrick Lavergne

Suddenly, he lost contact with the headset of his girlfriend who was following him.

“I looked back. I didn’t see her,” he recalled.

Worthy of a movie

The computer technician quickly turned around to see his wife lying on the ground near his white Honda motorcycle.

In a stroke of terrible luck, a rotting tree fell into the middle of the road, and in the process, directly onto it, Lincoln Police Department Deputy Director Scott McKinley confirmed.

“It was terrible, I have memories of it. I tried to take his pulse. She had nothing left,” reveals her wife, visibly fragile, describing the scene.

Witnesses who tried to help the victim would have had difficulty even describing the events, which is highly unusual.

“You see it in the movies, Mr. Lavergne describes. It wasn’t a fake stunt. The tree fell on her.

More beautiful roads…

The motorcycle enthusiast, who dreams of riding the Sport Type One, had just taken refresher courses the previous week.

“She was scared. She had all the equipment from head to toe, reassuring her companion. But she wasn’t the start.

In addition, the parents of the two children each moved to Lac-Brome 5 years ago to be closer to the United States.

“We used to go there often. The roads are still beautiful. We thought it was very sensible,” said Mr. Lavergne continues.

Tree accident

The last photograph of Ms Di Meo alive was taken during their romantic getaway.

Courtesy of Patrick Lavergne

After the accident, the future retiree changed his plans for the future and insisted on returning home alone on his motorcycle.

“I was crying. I was screaming murder. No one heard me. But it did me good,” said the man, who racked up 20,000 km a year on his motorcycle with his wife, known for her grace and joie de vivre.

“We had lunch. We preferred to stop by the side of the road, with scenery, rather than at restaurants, Mr. Lavergne explains. In four years, we wanted to live in Texas in the winter and here in the summer.

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