Weather in Quebec: Enjoy the sun before it gets tough on Wednesday

Weather in Quebec: Enjoy the sun before it gets tough on Wednesday

The heat continues to be felt at the beginning of the week, but it is better to take advantage of the sun’s rays while they are still possible, before the rains arrive for a few days.

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If Monday is sunny with temperatures above seasonal norms and partly cloudy skies, the effects of Hurricane Beryl will affect southern Quebec by midweek.

From Wednesday, rain is expected in many parts of La Belle province for 48 hours.

Meanwhile, Environment Canada predicts generally sunny weather in southwestern Quebec, while elsewhere, the sky will be shared between the sun and more or less dense clouds, while temperatures will fluctuate between 25 and 29 degrees.

However, Quebecers risk being too hot due to the humidex factor, which was already expected to reach 32 mid-morning and 37 during the day.

On Tuesday, the sun will be more sunny, while the weather will be generally cloudy, with rain in western Quebec, where storm risks are expected in the afternoon, according to the federal government’s forecast.

In Montreal and other parts of the province, the weather, generally cloudy with temperatures varying between 26 and 27 degrees, will be affected by the risk of thunderstorms that are scheduled to fall in the center and east of the province, especially in Saguenay. .

So far, July’s weather has been nothing to envy over the previous month, which was the hottest June in the last 10 years.

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According to Environment Canada’s weather summary, it’s rare to see such heat waves hit the province this early in the year.

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