A federal transformation aimed at “true equality” between French and English

With its bill C-32, the government of Justin Trudeau recognizes that the French are a minority in Canada and North America and seeks to protect and promote it.

Our actions should be aimed at real equality between French and English, Minister Jolie announced at a press conference.

With this bill, it is clear that our goal is to translate our official languages ​​into the 21st century. It will reflect the linguistic realities of everyone in Canada and provide our children with a world of possibilities. If this becomes law, more and more francophones will be able to work and live in French, She argued.

Modernization has become necessary due to the lack of English and French languages Equal weapons In the country, he argued. The first federal law on official languages ​​was passed in 1969.

Minister Jolie said Bill C-32 aims to further preserve the French language for the Francophone minority communities in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada.

Digital technologies, social media and content distribution sites often promote the use of English in a way that is harmful to the French.

An excerpt from:Melanie Jolie, Minister for Official Languages

The bill specifically recognizes French as the official language of Quebec and the bilingual status of New Brunswick.

Its purpose is to promote bronchophone immigration, strengthen the powers of the Commissioner of Official Languages, or make Supreme Court judges bilingual. This gives the Commissioner of Official Languages ​​increased powers to overthrow restructuring businesses or sectors.

The government is proposing unprecedented transparency, especially in the private sector. People have the right to work and work in French, especially in businesses with federal jurisdictions and in regions with strong Francophone reserves, Ms Jolie said.

This is the first time that the Official Language Act has been applied to the private sector, She insisted.

Companies with federal jurisdiction, such as the banking, telecommunications and aeronautics departments, can communicate in French with their employees and clients.

The bill will involve various federal departments. For example, the State Department should make a commitment to promote the French language in Canada’s diplomatic relations.

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At the same time, the bill promises to preserve and promote the country’s native languages.

The Liberal government has promised to modernize the official language law by the end of 2020, but The COVID-19 epidemic has led to a number of bills, including this one.

Conflict in Bill 101?

The details are to be refined by regulation relating to the use of the bill on working language in companies under federal jurisdiction.

Minister Jolie has already planned that his reform would coincide with Quebec Bill 96, which would extend the French language charter to businesses with 25 or more employees. Elsewhere in Canada, we target people with 50 or more employees.

According to the Ottawa plan, businesses with federal jurisdiction in Quebec will have three years to choose whether they want to subscribe to the French language charter of Quebec or to the federal government. For businesses in French-speaking regions outside of Quebec this period will be five years, for their part, there will be no option to subscribe to the federal system.

Companies that have already voluntarily submitted to Bill 101 can continue to do so. On the other hand, if they are not submitted, they must do so to the federal system, which provides the same exceptions as provided in the Quebec Charter., Said Minister Jolie.

The reaction was quick, as Quebec Minister Simon Jolin-Barrett, in charge of the French language, attended an announcement in Montreal.

It is one thing that the provisions relating to the Quebec Bill apply in Quebec territory and that it is the responsibility of the Quebec government to protect the French., You have.

We are ready to work with the federal government, but make sure the Quebec law applies.

An excerpt from:Simon Jolin-Barrett, Quebec Minister in charge of the French language

We have jurisdiction over federal affairs. It is written in the constitution. So what do we want to do? Do we want to protect the French or do we want to continue? Me, I want to protect the French, Replied Minister Jolie.

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In Ottawa, it is argued behind the scenes that the bill respects the Canadian labor code and has a solid legal basis.

Francophones outside of Quebec are delighted

For francophones outside of Quebec, some protections in the future remain unclear. The law only applies to regions with strong bronchophone reserves, but they are not specified, and Ottawa has postponed this decision.

According to Minister Jolie, Eastern Ontario, Northern Ontario and northern New Brunswick The target will be set, but the specifications have not yet been determined.

Despite the uncertainties, groups representing the Francophone communities outside Quebec have been very supportive of the bill, insisting it responds to a number of demands they have long expressed.

That’s one A moment of great pride, Federation of Francophone and Accordion Communities of Canada (FCFA).

The bill is another step towards a law to measure for 21st century Canada – a valuable piece of legislation that truly enlivens Canada’s linguistic duality.

An excerpt from:Extract from the Francophone and the Federation of Agadian Communities

Hello Significant work Minister Jolie, The FCFA He mentioned that he wanted to get involved In-depth legal analysis Bill in the next few weeks.

Accordion Society of New Brunswick (SANB) I was particularly pleased to see the bilingual status of the province being recognized.

not that It is doubtful whether the operations of the war will be carried out for the next few years However, the project is headed by Alexandre Cedric Dossett.

In a press release, the legislature of Francophonie in Ontario (AFO) Said Happy It Milestone Has passed. We look forward to seeing more detailsHowever, its chairman Carol Jolin warned.

Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), Which refers to the English-speaking minority in Quebec, however, neither more nor less Phil C-32Clear attack on the equality of official languages ​​of Canada.

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The law was established on the principle of equality in French and English law. However, Bill C-32 […] Defines the territory granted to linguistic rights and extends them to the private sphere only for francophones. Such a change would have profound consequences for many years over the language rights of English-speaking Quebecs., Supported QCGN In a press release.

An election maneuver in the eyes of the opposition

Opposition parties have stated they will not run for office until the new constitution is adopted.

With just six days to go before the end of the parliamentary session, the bill will die on the order paper if elections are held this summer.

This bill is unlikely to see daylight, so unfortunately this is optional thinking, Conservative Party spokeswoman Alain Reyes responded. He promised that the government, led by Erin O’Toole, would introduce an official language bill within the first 100 days of his term.

And [les libéraux] Call an election, it is pure election cynicism, Considered Alexandre Bouvereis, vice president of the New Democratic Party (NDP), to be the official language critic.

It is so opportunistic that it is playing really discriminatory politics on the election and the loss of the rights of the Francophones outside of Quebec.

An excerpt from:Alexandre Bouveris, NDP Vice President

This is a bill that could be introduced at the beginning of this order., He argued, But the Liberals wanted to drag their feet, he said.

Yves-Franசois Blanchett, leader of the Black Cubacois, predicted that the results of the next election would determine the content of the bill.

If they are in the majority, I guarantee you an old 10 [dollars] Well washed, it will not be the only law, they will change the things in it and suddenly we will see less of itFun, he said.

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